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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

It was a beautiful day!

Last night was my long awaited U2 concert experience. I went to the second of two Seattle shows, at the Key Arena. I got down to Seattle on the bus, early -- more than an hour before the concert began. I walked over to the Key Arena from where I had gotten off (probably about a mile or more), and hung out on a concrete sitting area overlooking a large grassy area, and the entrance to the arena.
The opening band was a Southern rock group called the Kings of Leon. I liked them well enough and listened to a few songs. On one of theirs, they called out a special surprise guest who was a friend of theirs. It turned out to be Eddie Vedder, and he sang one song with them.
I did listen to a few of their songs, as I said. However, during their set, I spent a lot of time (30 minutes?) in line to buy a concert t-shirt . It's a gray color with a cool print of the foursome on the front, and the tour dates on the back. I liked it better than the uber-official Vertigo one with a big red V on it.
The concert itself was superb. It was everything I was expecting and more. They had the regular stage, and then a circular portion that went around the closest people, and came out around to near where I was (the rest of the floor area). They had 4 video monitors showing close-ups of the stage, and big sections of lights that went around the back of the stage. They went from the stage to the ceiling and were really cool. Throughout the concert, they were every color imaginable. As well, the showed formed the guys in light, scrolled flags, some other dude walking (during Sometimes You Can't Make it on Your Own), and more. They played every song that I wanted to hear except Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of and I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For.
Overall, I had a great night, and it lived up to my hype of being the best concert I've ever gone to.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

DUTES....(I have duty today)

I have duty today, and it has been quite a busy day. I started off my day getting up in the nick of time (6:45), to be on base at 7, and on the ship at 7:15. You see I went out last night, and was out till about midnight. I got to the ship and started off the day doing a little painting of "lagging" (a fiberous material covering pipes) around the office. I continued on in the morning with doing the muster report. That was quite frustrating, because 4 department duty folks needed me to e-mail them THEIR department's muster report, in order for them to do it today. I was so frustrated, pissed off, and more. I am going to put out a serious e-mail or contact with the regular departmental muster report folk on Monday to remedy this frustrating situation. AUGH! After the muster report was done, I had to quickly and vigorously clean paint off my hands, iron my dress uniform, and change for watch. My watch was largely unexciting, though one of the other personnelman that I was on duty with had a situation. Every so often, the Security division runs drills switching people's ID cards to see if the watchstander catches it. My fellow personnelman was the victim of one of these, and failed today. It was an unfortunate situation...but she caught what was going on before the second person went through. So, her punishment wasn't so harsh as it could have been.
As for now, I am not doing anything but surfing online and writing. I read a little bit this afternoon, and will soon go back to that. I may come back to the office later this evening and work a bit, though I don't know yet. I definitely should work some on my duty days, but I have had a really busy day, and no one really notices if the work sitting around here gets done or not (there's always work around, so no one is really the wiser).

Hope everyone has a great weekend. Tomorrow afternoon I will be rather if anyone wants to call please do so! Wink, know who you are!

Friday, April 15, 2005

The longest day of my week

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The Wonder Years soundtrack

I am on duty today, and soon have a four hour watch. I haven't done a lot of work today. So, this means that after I get off watch, I have to at least make a concerted effort to get a few things done. That's alright if I work for awhile tonight, though. I have virtually nothing planned for all daylong tomorrow. I plan to lay around as much as necessary.
I am quite happy to report that I am probably buying a "new" car this next week. My 1974 Dodge Dart is now in the shop, and may cost a small fortune to fix its problems. So, I decided I would buy me a new car that costs more than $1000. I applied for and was approved for a $4000 loan. Upon hearing that, I went to check out a 1996 Ford Crown Victoria w/the police interceptor package. For those that don't know, that means the car has added power, reliability and more, and was an ex-cop car!! The car has low miles, light blue color, back doors that don't open from the inside, two spotlights, and a BULLET HOLE! That's all I'll say on it for now. I'll talk more about it after I pick-up the car this next week.
Besides the car deal, everything else is going along swimmingly. I'm ready to kick back and relax this weekend!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

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Chronicles, Vol. 1
By Bob Dylan

I have been, uncharacteristically, sleeping a lot the last 4-5 days. It's annoying to me, also, because I have been trying to watch a movie or read a book and have fell asleep at various times. I have one movie, where it happened twice. However, the movie isn't that good anyway, so I don't mind too much that I haven't watched the whole thing.

Over the weekend, I went to Seattle both Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday, I went down to Pike Place Market with a group of friends. One guy who's been onboard the ship about 6 months had not been there before, as well as a girl that is just about to get out of the Navy. So, we went down and met up with Ben. It was fun and we did that most of the morning and into early afternoon.

Later on in the afternoon, I went back to my house with my friend Jeremie. Upon arrival there, I received my new toy, a Dell Axim pocket PC, in the mail. I bought it on Ebay for a good price, and it's a great toy. It gives me wi-fi internet access in any free hotspots. Since I got it, I've made a couple walks over to the public library's cafe, and I used it on base today.

My other trip to Seattle, was a quick there-and-back to go to church down there. I got there early and walked around trying to pick up wi-fi-ness...but my battery was low, so it wouldn't cooperate.

This weekend, I did plenty of house work. On Sunday, I did dishes, vacuumed, and cleaned up my room. Upon going through the junk I had piled up, I found Chronicles underneath the pile of papers, where it had sat hidden away for a week.

That's all to report for now.

Thursday, April 07, 2005


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At Home In Mitford

By Jan Karon

In mid-March, as my leave time at home wound to an end, I pulled up Craigslist to find some apartments to check out upon returning to Washington.  I found a few promising ones, and sent out some e-mails.  As soon as I returned to Washington, as I was riding the bus back from the airport, I got a phone call reply.  It was a duplex apartment I had found that was close to the base, was in my price range, and seemed real suiting.  I went that night to check it out, and I liked it and liked the guy alright from the beginning.  I told him the next day that I would take it, and arranged to move in the day after that (Thursday). 

As I write this now, I have been in the place for exactly three weeks.  It has been everything I wanted and more.  My roommate's name is Jim, and I'll tell you (and expound) on him and his activities.

He is/has:

-42 years old

-Retired Navy (now works on base doing the same job, but now as a civilian)

-A cat named Cocoa

-A smoker...but not in the house

-A girlfriend in Portland who he visits almost every weekend

-BAAADDD at doing dishes

-A dealer of used furniture

He is 42 years old, divorced, and has a kid and ex-wife on the east coast.  He drives a newer Ford Ranger, and has driven me to work several times (both when I didn't need it, as a carpool...and when I did as my car has been broken down). 

His cat really doesn't like me, and runs every time it sees me.  Now, I have tried to be nice and gain some bond with it, but to no avail.  When he is gone for the night or the weekend, I leave food out, and Cocoa eats it after I'm gone.  The one worst experience I had with the cat was when I let her out, and she wouldn't come in for 3 hours (till 12:30 at night).

Jim has no skill at doing dishes.  Most of what he has washed I find bits of whatever left on.  If I take a dish out and blatantly see that he was the one that washed it, I have to rinse it off to use it.  For that reason alone, I try to do the dishes left in the sink as soon as I possible can.  I should talk to him about it, but I haven't yet.   My other option...which is also a good one, is just to wash the dishes that I use!

When Jim goes to Portland for the weekend to see his girlfriend and stay at his house (he owns a house down there), it's really the nicest thing about the living arrangement.  I get the whole house to myself for the weekend, and can be as carefree as I want until Sunday night.  At that point, I wash all the dishes from the weekend, and pick up after myself.  It's just nice to leave all that, and not worry about it for two straight days. 

As for how Jim is a dealer of used furniture -- he collects and buys what he can cheaply from Everett, Seattle, and other places around the area to keep and sell later.  Every so often, he'll have a yard sale or sell/rent the stuff to friends.

That is the large bit of Jim.  Now, onto my living quarters.

Both bedrooms in the duplex are upstairs, with the kitchen, bathroom, and living room downstairs.  I have the bigger bedroom, and have it well equipped.  Within two days of moving in, I had it fully furnished.  The night I moved in, I bought a twin bed, box spring, and bed frame from a used mattress outlet.  Then, I went out that Saturday to shop garage sales and thrift stores.  I found a bookshelf and tv/vcr combo at the first and only garage sale I went to.  Then, I went shopping at two different thrift stores, and picked up a small table, small four drawer dresser/chest, and stereo, for a small chunk of change.  I also went out to Target to buy new linens, towels, washcloths, and the like. That was a considerably larger chunk of change, but necessary. As well, as the purchased items, I had my portable DVD player as well. That is able to hook up to the tv as well, and thus providing several entertainment choices mere feet from my bed.

I am happy, comfortable, and take pride in the fact that I have a physical home in Washington now!

Envisioning Change

I am currently thinking, evaluating, and messing around to change my blog up a little. I want to clearly display what I'm reading, listening to, etc., as countless other people do online. I hope to have that up and running this afternoon, as well as putting out a new, long entry. I know I'll be bored and not have much interesting work to do this I'm hoping this will entertain me.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

April Showers

I have had a lot of great things happen to me in March, upon our return to Washington, and some not so good.
I started out the day we pulled back in, by going and retrieving my car back from where I had it in storage. After filling the tires a little, washing her, and topping the fluids....I was on my way. I then proceeded to go pick up a friend from the base, and take him around on his errands. I drove all around three different towns, for the afternoon, and then ran out of gas. You see, the car was low on gas when I picked it up, and I neglected to get gas before it was all gone. :( So, a cop came along and pushed my car into the nearby parking lot, and I went to a nearby gas station. They let me borrow a gas can, and then I filled it and went back to my car. The whole ordeal taught me a few important things. (1) I (and anyone else) should not be neglectful enough to run out of gas -- it's just really ridiculous. (2) You should know some gas station attendants are bad people, and won't let you borrow a gas can. Some sad people make you buy the gas can. (3) I think there was something else I was thinking of, but it slipped my mind.
After the homecoming day, I made my way HOME HOME. I went to the airport that night, and stayed at the USO there. Then, I flew out at 7 am the next morning. I was going home to be home again, as well as to be there for my sister's wedding. The wedding business was in full-swing when I got home. Since the boys of the family were invited to the end of my sister's wedding shower that day, we went there straight from the airport. That was fun to immediately get home and run into all these people -- my grandparents, other relatives, and family friends from church.
The rest of that weekend, my sister, now husband, and his sister stayed at the house. We went shopping for wedding items both Saturday and Sunday. We got belts, ties, and socks on Saturday. Then on Sunday, we went to get my suit. I was not able to wear the suit that I bought, so I had to buy one in their chosen color scheme. The wedding suit was/is an olive green color, and I like it a lot.
Mos of the next week was pretty tame. I spent some good time with my little sister (not the one that got married), and then took a road trip mid-week. I went down to southern IL...Champaign and Carbondale to see friends that I haven't seen in a year or so. That was good fun, yet done quick. From there, I drove home Thursday morning/afternoon, stopped home for an hour, and then rushed to Michigan for the batchelor party. Over the course of the trip in IL, I ran into snow, rain, and hail. Then, as I made my way to Michigan, I ran into even more snow.
I was so excited to do/be a part of the whole wedding. It was a great and fun time. All the involved siblings on both sides of the marriage stood up in the wedding. My little sister is the same age as Noah's (the new husband) little brother, and that's the same for me and Noah's little sister. So we processed in, in those pairs, and also sat up at the table during the reception. The wedding was simple and ceremonial...nothing really noteworthy, just a nice, sweet ceremony. It was 45-50 minutes long, I think.
The reception was held at the Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids. This was a nice place, with a nice banquet room. The room was large, and in the front center, had a moderately sized dance floor. I enjoyed dancing, even though I don't do it well, with both my sisters and my mom. In place of a cake, there were two chocolate fountains -- one milk chocolate (I believe), and one white chocolate. That was a really neat would take sticks of cookies, strawberries, and more, and let the chocolate run down over it to coat it. In the midst of the reception, guests could go walk through a butterfly garden, which was really interesting. Some pictures were also taken in there.
Over the course of that weekend, I enjoyed meeting friends of my older sister, that I hadn't met before. I talked to one about experiences in Europe. She gave me some good ideas and recommendations based on where she had been before, and what she had done.
After the wedding, I had just a couple more days at home. I flew back to Washington the Tuesday after the wedding. However, I ran into some trouble with the law before I was gone. On Sunday night, I drove out to see a friend of mine. He had just moved out to a new house out in the country while I was home. I went there and hung out with him, had a pizza, and then came back. As I was driving back however, I took the highway in the wrong direction. As I was doing so, I was also speeding (63 in a 45 mph zone), and was pulled over for such. I got a speeding ticket and proof of insurance ticket. The proof of insurance ticket was due to my dad having the wrong car's insurance card in his car. :( I would have had to go to court for all that, if I didn't do what I did. The next day, I drove back out to the country, to go to the county's courthouse. I brought the insurance card, to have that dropped, and paid off the ticket ($75). However the one problem was that the cop took my driver's license (in place of bond...for the insurance deal). So, I got everything taken care of, but had to have my license mailed to me in Washington. I was able to drive, however, if I kept the ticket with me. Then, my license arrived about a week or week and a half ago.

That's it for now folks. I will post again as soon as I possible can, about my new place!!