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Saturday, May 28, 2005

Update from the road

Currently Reading:

Nothing Is Impossible

By Christopher Reeve

I successfully arrived in Pleasanton, CA at 2 am this morning, after driving all day yesterday. I drove down with a couple guys from Seattle, who I dropped off in Eureka. Due to that fact, more than 1/2 the drive was taken on US 101. That route took a while longer than going straight down I-5, but it was very picturesque and beautiful at various spots along the way. There are many ocean views along the highway, with some small, medium, and large rock islands to see, which are very cool.

My friend Zach did have to work today, so I'm hanging out at his place until he's off (another hour and a half now). The plan for the night is to go through Berkley for some errands, and and an ESL lesson he's teaching. Then, it's onward to a hookah bar for some fun, then there or somewhere else, Zach and I are going to discuss life and our current pursuit of it.

Stay tuned for another update in the next few days. There is little agenda but hiking tomorrow morning. Then my drive back up north will be on Monday. I'll fill you in on whatever else comes about.

Monday, May 23, 2005

It's Victoria Day today in Canada!

I successfully sold my old car to someone last Wednesday night. I had two people call on it between Tuesday and Wednesday night. The first guy that came out and saw it in person was the one that bought it.

Starting today (later this afternoon) and (hopefully) continuing every day this week, I will be writing up a series of "My Dream Jobs, and why." Although, It may be a little differently titled. I'm going to do a little web-browsing, and use something like dreamweaver...or some other catchy dream phrase I maybe able to find.

Four days until my thousand mile road trip to Oakland, CA! I'm it will be a little last minute fun before going underway for a few weeks.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

In the Wee Small Hours of the Morning

I just got off a wee small hours of the morning watch (11:30 to 3:30), due to having duty again last night. I tried to nap before my watch but it didn't now I'm about to go off and get oh...2.5 hours of sleep :(

I posted my old broken car on Craigslist last night, and got several responses. I realized about 5 hours later, I hadn't said what body style it was, however. This could possibly narrow down the number of potential buyers, since the Dodge Dart Custom (sedan) is not as highly sought after as is a Dodge Dart Swinger or the like.

That is all for now. MUST SLEEP NOW!

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Looking Back

I neglected to take the time to do the write-up on my Oregon weekend. It was indeed fun to go down there, but turned out to be less than I hoped. This wasn't however, due to the spot, as much as other factors. I was going to go down with a couple people, and they ended up concerned with other things. Then, when I got down there, the hostel I wanted to stay at didn't work out. In the end, I just ended up staying down there for Friday night (staying at a motel for $40/night), and driving back Saturday night.

While I was there, I did enjoy a couple activities. I spent the morning walking around town and walking down by the beach. In the afternoon, I rented a kayak for an hour and paddled up and down a river. In the linked picture there, you'll see the river, and the spot I rented the kayak from. After this, I spent the afternoon at the library reading. Then, about 5 pm, I took off back for Washington. During my walking, I noticed a spot that had bingo Saturday night, and that almost persuaded me to stay, since I think it'd be fun to play bingo somewhere again. However, in the end, it didn't persuade me.

Looking forward, two weeks from today, I'll be in the midst of a grand road trip down to Oakland, CA. For this, I'm quite excited!

Here below you'll find the lyrics to Don't Ask Me How I Know, from Bobby Pinson. This is a country song, which I heard for the first time last week. I wanted to remember the name of the song, to pull the lyrics up later, but it didn't happen. I heard it again today, though, and was able to follow-through.

Don’t ride your bike off a ramp that’s more than three bricks high
Don’t take that candy from the store if you ain’t got the dime
Don’t pick a fight with a little guy that doesn’t talk that much
Don’t pick up a cherrybomb thinkin’ it’s a dud
And don’t sneak out of a 2 story house usin’ bed sheets as a rope
Don’t ask me how I know

Sell your truck while it’s still runnin’, save the Jesus off the dash
Say a prayer when you feel like cussin’,
save your money pay with cash
Forget your pride, buy the roses, if you’re sorry tell her so
Don’t drink the water in Mexico
Don’t ask me how I know

Don’t quit your high school football team halfway through the season
Don’t bust your buddy in the nose when you know he didn’t mean it
Don’t lose a girl you love at home for a night in Panama City
Don’t rush off the phone when your Mama calls you ain’t that busy
Ya oughta make that drive to say goodbye to your grampa ‘fore he goes
Don’t ask me how I know

Forget your pride buy the roses, if you love her tell her so,
Don’t go to Vegas with your heart broke,
Don’t bum your cousin for that first smoke
I'm tellin' ya, don't drink the water in Mexico
Don't ask me how I know
Don't ask me how I know I just know
sell your truck while it's still runnin',
say a prayer when you feel like cussin'
I know,

Friday, May 13, 2005

La Musica!!

Both yesterday and today, I have decided to fulfill the desires of my musical psyche.
I started yesterday, by buying the albums of the three artists/bands I mentioned last week. Then today, I bought the following:

Cold Play - A Rush Of Blood to the Head
Tom Cochrane -- Mad Mad World
Phantom Planet -- The Guest
Clearlake - Cedars

I bought these four CDs for about $28, price + shipping. I love it. You see, when I buy CDs on Amazon, I go for the used & new from ____ . If you pull up the music you want, you'll see that under the Amazon new price. Sellers put their items up as well, and you can buy like new CDs for less!

That's all for now. I'll update again this afternoon.

Friday, May 06, 2005

Life Is A Highway

Sunset in Everett, WA

I don't have too much of interest that's happened to me recently. However, I will now reflect on this past weekend's highlights and lowlights. As well, I will share my road plans for this month. I am done with weekend duty for a while, and I'm so excited to be taking off a couple times.


-Talking to Highwaygirl on the phone Friday afternoon

-Seeing The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy with a friend on Friday night.

-Helping someone in Seattle move from downtown to the U-District on Saturday


- Having duty on Sunday

This weekend I will be visiting Seaside, Oregon. I'm going on a road trip! I'll probably be going with 1 or 2 friends, and then I'm picking a couple people up in Portland as well. I found them online through Craigslist

Click on the link to check out what's cool in Seaside!

I still haven't loaded up the pictures of my car to post. However, I have one to show that's just like it. I found this for Ben's blog yesterday, and now I wanted to put it up for mine.

In other news:

In the last week I have started to dig a few bands/individual artists.

These include:
-Bowling For Soup
- The Killers
-Anna Nalick

Stay tuned Monday or Tuesday for account of the trip! Have a great weekend!