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Sunday, June 26, 2005

Fun quiz for the day

American Cities That Best Fit You:

75% Chicago

60% New York City

60% Philadelphia

55% Atlanta

50% Washington, DC

Yea...I love Chicago! I can't wait to live there in some frame of time! I'll be living there before I live back in Wheaton, again.

Moving Forward, Moving On

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In America DVD

Ah...the life! I have made 90% concrete plans to move out of my current living situation and into a new one on Thursday night. July 1st is the effective date, however I'll be taking off then for the whole I want it set-up before I'm gone. I'll be moving into a 2 bedroom apartment which is currently occupied by two friends off the ship. One is moving out, and so I'm moving in, along with another guy. So, it's going to be three people in a 2 bedroom apartment. I'm going to alternate months of having the bedroom and having the couch, if the guy I'm moving into the place with is as set on the living situation as I am. Anyways, check out the place I'm moving into --> here.

I'm really looking forward to the travel plans this coming weekend. I'm meeting up with a friend or two Friday night, whom I haven't seen for a couple years, and then meeting up with the family. They are going to bring books I want from home, my suits, and THEMSELVES! Yea!

I'm going to finish watching In America today. I watched 3/4 of it last night, and it is great! I highly recommend it to anyone!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Thank you, Al Gore!!!

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Surfing the Himalayas: A Spiritual Adventure

By Frederick Lenz

I really love the internet. I could seriously not get tired of seeking out random or interesting information, or looking through and finding people that I know. Today, through random blog meandering, I found a couple blogs of someone I know from high school. This girl has gotten married in the last year, worked a couple different jobs all at the same time, and is currently recording an album (she's a Christian singer/songwriter). Her album is going to be released some point this year, and I will look forward to it.

We've been extended about a day or so on our underway here, yet will still get back this week before the weekend starts. I'm looking ahead at spending about a week evaluating new apartments/places to live in I can move out of my current place on or before July 1st. However, I also now have another option if I don't find anything that works. Two other folks I work with are sharing an apartment, and one of the two wants to move out July 1st. If I don't find a place, I'll jump into that one. It's a few bucks more for rent et al, but it's the same proximity to work...which is exactly what I need--a 5 minute drive to work.

That's about it for now. To give a heads-up on my travel plans, they are as follows: Drive to Portland on July 1st, fly out on the 2nd to New Mexico to hang out with family and attend Megan's wedding celebration there on the 3rd, and then back to Portland/Seattle early-evening on the 4th and attempt to catch the fireworks in Seattle.

Later, folks!

Saturday, June 18, 2005


The ship is in-port San Diego now. We'll be heading home next week. While here, it's been nice to relax and recuperate. I've been sick the last several days with cough/cold ailments and am about over it now. I am on duty today, which has offered me a lot of time to web-browse and do nothing else.

Things I've learned today...

-Gas prices have dropped in the last several weeks (down about twenty cents) since we left on our underway period. Research courtesy of

-Craigslist has some weird ass people that put stuff on there. On New York's Craigslist, there was a guy that admitted he wore diapers and was in search of a woman that was okay with that, and would change him. In trying to put the link in here for that, I find that the post was now removed. Research there courtesy of Cupcake

-The distance around the globe from Chicago to Jakarta, Indonesia is 9807 miles. Research there courtesy of one USDA page (odd source, eh?). The site is really cool, though, and easy to use. In addition to the distances (in three formats), you can find out the latitude and longitude of any listed city.

-My older sister, Megan, has a blog. Check out the Meg_O_Tron! It was surprising to find that today, and interesting to read the little nuggets of what's happening in her life.

Stay tuned this next week for news. I may be moving, I may not have a home anymore, and I definitely will be traveling. I hope everyone is having fun in the sun!

Friday, June 10, 2005

Woes of Shipboard Life

Apple's America: The Discriminating Traveler's Guide to 40 Great Cities in the United States and Canada

By R.W. Apple Jr.

I finished reading my Living Abroad in Costa Rica book last night, and decided to change subjects. All the books I selected to bring with me on this underway, are on travel in some form. Looking over the various books today, I chose a different subject than Costa Rica (because I have several on the country). So, for the next few days I will immerse myself in the U.S. and Canada to read critically on cities far and wide -- both those I've been to and those I haven't yet visited.
The biggest pain/annoyance of shipboard life is sporadic internet availability (as I have so imparted before). The internet has been a greater constant today, and I'm enjoying it. In the morning today, I paid bills and looked at the status of my investments. This afternoon, I have read up on the news, caught up on other blogs, and caught up on my own.

Due to the internet issue, I'm going to put out the list of top things I like of being out underway, and that which I don't.


1. Group camaraderie among those I live and work with 24 hours a day

2. Saving money due to far less daily expenditures

3. Visiting interesting places (though on these short underway's just San Diego, San Diego, San Diego--yet San Diego is a nice place)

4. Time after work solely to reading and/or watching movies.

5. Karaoke on the mess decks twice a week (I watch, but don't sing)

6. Getting hook-ups from time to time from the cooks/supply folks, giving me or those in my department cookies and other good foods.

7. Getting hook-ups from the Public Affairs folk that air the movies on the ship channels.


1. The food! It's often not anything I want to eat

2. Working 13.5 hours a day, 6 days a a little bit on Sunday.

3. Confrontations that occur with being around the same people 24/7. It is most often cordial relations, but sometimes flare-ups occur.

4. Still working, when there's not a lot to do.

5. No days completely off until we pull into port.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

My Shampoo is Hazardous to My Health

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Living Abroad In Costa Rica

By Erin Van Rheenen

I was in the shower the other day, and took a good look at my shampoo bottle. My shampoo is a Target generic product made to be similar to Head and Shoulders. I was carefully reading everything on the label as I was in the shower, out of some odd curiousity to do so. I noticed that this shampoo included zinc. I thought, "Hmm...that's interesting. I wonder if that is good for me to have in my shampoo." Then, the next thing I read made me believe that it may undoubtedly not be good for me. The next thing I read on the label was in fact, don't let shampoo get in contact with eyes (or the like of that).
"If shampoo gets in contact with eyes, rinse immediately". I really have to hand it to these Target folks...they know how to screw up shampoo. Do normal people not let shampoo get in their eyes? My shampoo runs down my face every time I rinse it off. Ugh! What is the deal?

Do other people wash their hair different than me? Are there some people in this world that could use this very shampoo, and keep it completely out of their eyes? Please let me know who are, and how you do it!!

Aside from that, does any one know if Head 'n' Shoulders has zinc in it?

Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dream A Little Dream With Me...Vol 1

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Vagabonding: An Uncommon Guide to the Art of Long-Term World Travel

By Rolf Potts

Dream a little dream with me....Volume 1
This is the first of a ??-part series detailing my dream jobs.


Generalities--Provides car transport services to clients in/to varying destinations. Must be licensed to drive a taxi and have a "satisfactory" driving record. Relies on instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of the job.

Salary range (Chicago, IL)--$25,248-37,098

Why I want to be a taxi driver:
I want to be a taxi driver for many reasons. The first is that I can think of nothing else I would rather be doing than driving. I love to drive....and this would be a job where I'd spend the whole workday/week driving! Second of all, I like to meet people, and this would be a varied clientele day in and day out. Third, I could do this and constantly be in and around the city that I love. I would see areas I haven't seen before and learn more of the ins and outs of the city.
Overall, the occupational outlook for taxi drivers is good. They are always needed, and provide a necessary service for the travel and tourism industry.

I just need to work on my driving record :) So, this one may have to wait several years.