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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

It's an exciting day in the neighborhood, exciting day in the neighborhood....Won't you be my neighbor?

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Love In The Time of Cholera
By Gabriel Garcia Marquez

It's late, and I don't have too much energy to update. I will tell you all three major news items that have happened to me in the last week.

The first one is that I was CAPped last week Thursday. This means I was promoted/advanced in the Navy in a matter other than the normal promotion business. Normally, one must take an exam and be advanced off that, if they achieve a certain score. I, however, was nominated for the Command Advancement Program....where departments can submit the names of those stellar performers that deserve to be specially advanced. All of these are then reviewed by the Commanding Officer of the ship, and he makes the final choices of who he'll advance. So, effective immediately (with a time delay on the pay stuff, however), I am one rank higher and make plenty more a paycheck!

The second item of news is that I have moved into another house. This is the one with the guy w/guns....and so far it's working beautifully. He told me today that the landlord is raising the rent $50, though. Not so hot....however it will still be cheap.

The third item of news is that I am seeing someone now. This is especially exciting for me because I really have NO experience dating. However, up to this point, things are going well and I believe we are clicking quite well. This girl is a church-going gal, and that is definitely a good thing. We actually met on-line, and e-mailed and called for about a week before meeting up. Then, when we did first see each other, we went to her church on Sunday night, and then out to Applebee's with church friends. Tonight, we had a first real date and things continue to go well. :) Yea!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Movies for Guys

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The Dukes Of Hazzard

Tonight was a night centered around me-time. I tried unsuccessfully to enlist friends to join whatever adventure....but the ones I talked to were TIRED and not going out.

Any which way, I drove around Lynnwood (just south of Everett), trying to decide what to do. I discovered a Borders I didn't know existed, and sat reading magazines in there for an hour. Then, I drove back up to Everett and saw Dukes of Hazzard. Before the movie came out, I wanted to see it, solely because of Jessica Simpson's involvement. Then, after the reviews came out, and it was said she was the only worthwhile part of the movie, it put me off to watching it. However, tonight, since I wanted to relax, all that was fine with me.

After seeing the movie, which I did thoroughly enjoy, I wanted to write about car chases. I love movies with car chase scenes. I have yet to see Bullitt, however, which is said to be the greatest (and really first) car chase movie.

In doing web-surfing on these related topics, I once again perused the free Wikipedia encyclopedia.

Is there anyone else (besides my friend/co-worker David), who has found this site to be really, really cool? Just looking at it tonight, with car chases, I found links to the entries on police cars (where I learned that Crown Vics account for 98% of U.S. cop cars -- yea for my car!), individual car chase movies, and more. The internet shall never cease to have fun surprises!

That's it for now. It's too late for me to be up, so it's off to bed!

Monday, August 15, 2005

A Real Texas Outlaw

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Two and a Half Men, Friends, and Summerland

I talked to a prospective roommate today on a couple occasions. He is a co-worker of one of my close friends on the ship. It seems like a definite possiblity, when I am ready to move into my next place.

There are however a few things to consider.

This guy I talked to today is the one who's been in the place from the beginning, and is the primary guy on the lease, as far as I can surmise. However, he is leaving ultimate approval to another guy that's living there now with his woman. I don't really understand, because the first guy was their first and he's the man in charge. Why is it up to this other guy and his woman?

The other thing left to ponder is who this guy is, and what that means. He's one of them Texas boys that has guns and will shoot anyone who breaks into the house.

If I live there, will it be like this?

Where should one draw the line when evaluating roommates? Would one choose not to live with someone who has guns? Someone who has a LOT of guns (self-professed amount to provide for a small army)?

These are things to think about, given my slight fear of the unknown in reference to guns.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Under, over, climbing the mountain

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A Short History of Nearly Everything

By Bill Bryson

See more about Bill Bryson here

I am currently getting my slightly out of whack situation straight. I have several bills I've had to pay well as figuring out what to do with a towed/impounded car bill of $700 paid. I'm still working out that last one -- to try to find the guy and ask for money. Any which way, I'm going to pay that on Monday. AUGH! From this point forward, I do declare, upon selling a car, that I will march whoever it is into the required office to register the car in their name. Due to my laziness, this is the second time this has happened to me! I have lived and learned!

That's about it for me now. Come September 1st, I should be far less debt-ridden and be able to go out and have more fun. I'm hoping to go that weekend to hike Mt. Rainier or camp, or some such Pacific Northwest fun. We will go out to sea again the following week, so as much fun as I can happen is indeed required.