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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A Year In Numbers

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Travels With Charley
By John Steinbeck

In direct relation to how much is happening for me this next year, and how close some of it is....I decided I wanted to sit down today and figure out the countdown for all the events upcoming that matter to me. So below you'll find it, the highlight work of my day!

COUNTDOWN.... (drum roll please, Maestro!)
End of current underway (November 16th) -- 3 days
Go home for Christmas (December 17th) -- 33 days
Christmas -- 42 days
Second to last underway begins (January 6th) -- 54 days
TAPS class, teaching me how to transition effectively from the Navy to a civilian again (February 6th) -- 85 days
My 23rd birthday (February 7th) -- 86 days
Deployment begins -- 106 days
Return from LAST NAVAL DEPLOYMENT (late summer '06) -- around 260 days
Depart the ship (October 14) -- 335 days
Fly my bum ass to Europe -- 345 days

Sunday, October 16, 2005

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A Song's Best Friend -- John Denver Remembered

I'm currently on duty on the ship, trying to take it as light and easy as possible.

Last night, I went to a few bars with a group of guys off the ship. We went to one bar in Lynnwood that I had just heard about and wanted to check out, and then a place that had karaoke, and then down to Seattle! We went to Cowgirls, Inc...which is modeled after/inspired by Coyote Ugly. The karaoke place was a superbly good time. They have private rooms you go in, sit on nice leather couches...and punch what songs you want to sing into a big ass remote. We spent 1 1/2 to 2 hours there. I sang several songs, such as Brown Eyed Girl, Sweet Home Alabama, Bed of Roses, and more. Then, down in Seattle, we were just there for about an hour and then came home. We had gone in two cars, and the cops started towing cars that were parked legally. So, one of the guys got nervous and thought we should go.

Saturday, October 01, 2005


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Weezer -- Blue Album

This week/weekend there have been lots of changes afoot. A lot of people have left the ship, most of whom have been here the whole time I have.

It's going to be quite different at work, since this is just about the last of the batch that was there when I arrived here in Washington. If you don't understand the change think about this...These are the guys that I have been with at work for the last 3 1/2 years. While underway, these are the guys I spent day in and day out with. At one occurence (leading up to the start of the war in Iraq), that was 9 1/2 months straight, without seeing family, friends outside the Navy, or any of the normal world. You are forced to become "family" in these cases. As much as you have differences with some guys, it has to be dealt with.

The person I will miss the most, left on Thursday night, and drove home to LA. From there he will go to Houston visiting more family, before finally arriving in D.C. (his next duty station). Although, he is going to go home with me to celebrate Christmas with me and the that's something to look forward to.