Welcome to my world! It's sometimes routine, sometimes crazy, and through it all I yearn to travel (and do accomplish some of that).

Location: Everett, Washington

Sunday, November 13, 2005


Currently Rockin' Out to:

New Found Glory -- Sticks And Stones

Currently completed - driving around Pleasanton, San Leandro,
Oakland, San Francisco
- visiting Wal-Mart to pick up the bare necessities of life
- trying a new wine at a uber-classy San Francisco bar
- making a special trip to that California (and various
southern states) favorite, In-N-Out burger

Currently thinking of - my future adventure of riding the rails in Europe
(based on conversation with Zach's roommate, and Zach this previous afternoon)

Currently looking forward to - getting my passport application submitted

Currently reading - The SF Weekly

Currently hungry because... - I only ate one In-N-Out Burger, instead of two

Currently up at nearly 4 am... - because I slept all morning (yesterday) until 1 pm

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Currently Reading:

Cargo magazine -- Nov 2005

Our underway is almost over, our underway is almost over! We pull into port in a nice spot this weekend, where I'll see a friend from home (a guy that moved out west). Then, it's fast steaming back to Everett.

Things have been indescribably busy and I'm so very much looking forward to being back in Washington. I currently am in the process of apartment-hunting, and will move into a place with a co-worker within 3 days (hopefully) of being back. As well, I will be renting a Scion XB for several days or a week. Yeah, splurge! If you all don't like them little are entitled to your own opinion......however, I love 'em and may buy one used in the next 24 months.

That's it for now. I've been through all the books I brought with me on this underway, so now I'm left to read the magazines that I brought along with me. I'll be reading "Nickel 'N' Dimed in America" next, after we get home.

Scion XB!!