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Monday, January 30, 2006

Heaven's Very Special Child

The following poem was read at church yesterday, and I really liked it. It's online on one or more sites about Tourette's syndrome.

A meeting was held qute far from Earth,
It's time again for another birth
said the Angels to the Lord above,
"this special child will need much love."
His progress may seem very slow,
accomplishments he may not show
and he'll require extra care
from the folks he meets down there.
He may not run or laugh or play
his thoughts may seem quite far away...
In many ways he won't adapt
and he'll be known as handicapped...
So let's be careful where he's sent.
We want his life to be content.
Please, Lord, find the parents
who would do a special job for you.
They will not realize right away
the leading role they're asked to play
but with this child sent from above,
comes stronger faith and richer love..
And soon they'll know the privilege given,
in caring for this gift from Heaven,
now precious charge so meek and mild.
"He's Heaven's very special child."

Friday, January 20, 2006

Letter to Bethany (paraphased for the general public)

Hello, dear reader! I’m writing this late at night while I’m hanging out in the office. The inter-net just went down, so my fun surfing for the night is done with. I’m out of books to read, so I decided a little while ago that I would write you a letter tonight (that was even before I got on the Internet).

I am getting so excited these days on my trip to Europe, and doing all my web surfing on that topic. I have decided (based on input from Ryan Schaap – who I e-mailed the other day) that I am going to combine a rail pass with a rental car (however many weeks on this, I haven’t decided yet). I found a website/company where I can do a short-term lease on a car (with insurance included) for about $28 bucks a day. The car would be a little stick shift Euro economy car. I’ve been reading how expensive (like 4 bucks a gallon!) gas is in Europe, but on the flip side of the coin – how fuel-efficient the cars are. On the negative side, I’ve looked back on fares, and they’ve gone up 150-200 bucks since I last researched the price. I’m going to submit my passport application the week after we get back to Everett!!! So, hopefully that’ll come in the mail at home right about the time I leave on deployment. That’s going to be my first preparation item this year…then throughout the year, I’ll buy the plane tickets and rail pass, etc.

Other news from me is that I just bought a laptop on Ebay. It's a Dell with all the specs I wanted and it was a good price, compared to new. It's currently at my parents house, and should hopefully be waiting for me in Washington next week.

We’ve got one more week of this underway, and then back in Washington for a month before our 5 month deployment. I have got just less than 9 months left in the Navy. Can you believe I’ve been in over 4 years now? Way too long, I shall add! The just less than 9 months translates to 266 days left.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Things I love, and things I don't...

Currently Reading:

Mary, Mary

A novel by James Patterson

(Random) Things I Love

-A sister who is fun enough to go to Costa Rica
-Clean laundry
-Democratic party ideas that focus on social issues for the good of the country (this thought brought to mind due to "Living History")
-Carne asada burritos from a "roach coach"
-20 oz bottles of Coca-Cola
-People who share books (with me!!)
-Writing letters

(Random) Things I DON'T Love

-Not being able to visit aforementioned sister, due to my own (Navy-ordered) globetrotting
-The beginnings of sick feelings when coming off a night with minimal sleep
-Sour cream
-Cold temperatures

Quick news that matters:
The ship is currently in San Diego and pulling out again tomorrow for a week and a half. One more stop in San Diego at that point, and then headed back to Everett (we'll get home two weeks from now).

Friday, January 06, 2006

My Big, Bad GMC truck!

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Now 16

Just before I went home for Christmas, I bought myself an old truck. This had been building for a long while, since I had been wanting a 70s-80s Chevy or GMC full-size pick-up for the last four or five years. I decided a month ago that I would sell my car come August and buy an old truck. I then decided 3 weeks ago, that I would do it that week and have two vehicles until whatever point I sold my car.

What are the details of my truck you may ask?

This truck is a 1973 GMC Sierra Grande Camper Special (sans camper). It runs well and is in good shape mechanically. The one negative point of it is that it has a LOT of rust on the hood and other parts of the body. This is okay with me, since it runs well. The rust deal is going to give me a project with it, to see how much I can sand off. Then, I'll explore my bondo options and touch-up paint! As well, all this year, I will be looking forward to driving all my stuff home in the bed come October.

Since I've been back in Everett (at least before we got underway), I spent as much of my free time rockin' out in the truck (since it has a radio that works, so much unlike my car). I drove to and from work in the Crown Vic, and then used the truck for my play toy in the afternoon/evenings.

I will make some attempt to post pictures up here of the truck after I get back off this underway.

Stay tuned for future entries....I have a new position in the office to talk about!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


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From Under The Cork Tree

Fall Out Boy

I am on duty tonight, and about to go underway tomorrow. This is another short underway before our regular deployment. Although, the above is true, I'm still dreading this underway. I'm just not prepared for it. I didn't really pack until this morning at 5 am, and I had to leave for the ship shortly after that. So, everything was done in a rush, and I forgot a few crucial tasks before I got here. With a little help from my friends, these are getting all accomplished tonight. My friends/co-workers here helping me out tonight truly deserve my appreciation and love. I shall endeavor to make them all dinner upon our return!?!

That's it for now. I have to hit my rack soon to get up early. I'm responsible to do the muster report tomorrow morning, starting at 4 am.

I shall write next on my big, bad truck....which I bought just before going home for Christmas.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Untitled (and unfinished)

Let's walk together
Through the park
All through the city
Talking and laughing
Growing closer

Luna And Soy

Do you know
You're special to me?
Even when we don't talk
I wonder how you are
Here I sit now -
Sorting through four years of memories
I find so many memories of you
From soy nuts to German phrases
Drawings and doodles, to quotes
Here you are
When you didn't know me angry or upset
When you left, what your reflections of me were
When I left, what would become of me
You shall remain deeply entrenched in my memory
Here's to the future
May we shortly meet again in Chicago?
If such shall be, we shall continue to share deep friendship
And share in the changing patterns of our lives.