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Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Untitled (and unfinished)

Let's walk together
Through the park
All through the city
Talking and laughing
Growing closer

Luna And Soy

Do you know
You're special to me?
Even when we don't talk
I wonder how you are
Here I sit now -
Sorting through four years of memories
I find so many memories of you
From soy nuts to German phrases
Drawings and doodles, to quotes
Here you are
When you didn't know me angry or upset
When you left, what your reflections of me were
When I left, what would become of me
You shall remain deeply entrenched in my memory
Here's to the future
May we shortly meet again in Chicago?
If such shall be, we shall continue to share deep friendship
And share in the changing patterns of our lives.


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