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Friday, January 20, 2006

Letter to Bethany (paraphased for the general public)

Hello, dear reader! I’m writing this late at night while I’m hanging out in the office. The inter-net just went down, so my fun surfing for the night is done with. I’m out of books to read, so I decided a little while ago that I would write you a letter tonight (that was even before I got on the Internet).

I am getting so excited these days on my trip to Europe, and doing all my web surfing on that topic. I have decided (based on input from Ryan Schaap – who I e-mailed the other day) that I am going to combine a rail pass with a rental car (however many weeks on this, I haven’t decided yet). I found a website/company where I can do a short-term lease on a car (with insurance included) for about $28 bucks a day. The car would be a little stick shift Euro economy car. I’ve been reading how expensive (like 4 bucks a gallon!) gas is in Europe, but on the flip side of the coin – how fuel-efficient the cars are. On the negative side, I’ve looked back on fares, and they’ve gone up 150-200 bucks since I last researched the price. I’m going to submit my passport application the week after we get back to Everett!!! So, hopefully that’ll come in the mail at home right about the time I leave on deployment. That’s going to be my first preparation item this year…then throughout the year, I’ll buy the plane tickets and rail pass, etc.

Other news from me is that I just bought a laptop on Ebay. It's a Dell with all the specs I wanted and it was a good price, compared to new. It's currently at my parents house, and should hopefully be waiting for me in Washington next week.

We’ve got one more week of this underway, and then back in Washington for a month before our 5 month deployment. I have got just less than 9 months left in the Navy. Can you believe I’ve been in over 4 years now? Way too long, I shall add! The just less than 9 months translates to 266 days left.


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