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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Things I love, and things I don't...

Currently Reading:

Mary, Mary

A novel by James Patterson

(Random) Things I Love

-A sister who is fun enough to go to Costa Rica
-Clean laundry
-Democratic party ideas that focus on social issues for the good of the country (this thought brought to mind due to "Living History")
-Carne asada burritos from a "roach coach"
-20 oz bottles of Coca-Cola
-People who share books (with me!!)
-Writing letters

(Random) Things I DON'T Love

-Not being able to visit aforementioned sister, due to my own (Navy-ordered) globetrotting
-The beginnings of sick feelings when coming off a night with minimal sleep
-Sour cream
-Cold temperatures

Quick news that matters:
The ship is currently in San Diego and pulling out again tomorrow for a week and a half. One more stop in San Diego at that point, and then headed back to Everett (we'll get home two weeks from now).


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