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Monday, April 10, 2006

Where in the world is Tsim Sha Tsui?

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We pulled out of Hong Kong today. I had a great time there, once again. While there this time, I visited a couple good shopping spots I hadn't been to before (I had focused solely on Stanley Market before).

I spent the day yesterday traipsing around the Kowloon peninsula, visiting spots I had been informed as good shopping spots. I visited the Golden Computer Arcade and the Ladies' Market. The Golden Computer Arcade was a huge collection of booths/stores selling computer/electronic goods at unbelievably cheap prices. I stocked up there on an external hard drive, wireless mouse, and a pack of 100 DVD-R discs. At the Ladies' Market, they had everything that Stanley Market had and may have even been bigger. I bought t-shirts, a hat, and another shirt there. I capped the day off by getting some bubble tea. If anyone's had bubble tea before, you know there's usually tapioca eggs/balls (whatever the term may be) in them. Here however, I was enlightened to find them with jelly and fruit pieces in them. I got one that was mango, with manjo jelly in it instead of the tapioca.


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